2023-2024 ALT High-Level Training Seminor 【Zoom connection test】Guide in English

“Using Zoom” for connection test

(The appearance may vary depending on the PC or tablet you are using)

①Access Zoom URL;


Meeting ID: 851 0282 1655

Passcode: ALT23zoom

② When the following screen appears, click “Open Zoom Meetings.”
④ If you see the following screen, click Join with Computer Audio.
⑤ Once the ZOOM screen is open, follow the instructions to perform a functionality check.

●Listen to the audio playing and adjust the volume.

●Turn [On/Off] your video to display your own face.

●Click on the [Participants] in the menu bar to open the [Participants] box.

●Confirm your own name if “Participant(ALT)”.

To change the name, click next to the name

and change the name at the “Rename”.

●Click on [Chat] in the menu bar to open the [Chat] box.

●Feel free to enter a message and send it.

⑥ Once you`re done, click on [Exit] located on the right of the menu bar to leave the meeting.